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Yuba cargo bicycles

Yuba Cargo Bicycles

Yuba is a trend-setter of the cargo bicycle world with a focus on places like the US and Australia, where bicycle infrastructure isn't like some European cities. These bikes give you the freedom to use a bicycle for daily purposes even in our city conditions.

Originating in the USA, Yuba has become known for their colourful, fun, affordable and user-friendly cargo bicycles with a fantastic range of accessories that make their bikes so useful. Yuba is imported by Cargocycles in Melbourne. Glow Worm Bicycles is a retailer of Yuba bicycles in Sydney

Yuba cargo bike models

Most famous for their Yuba Mundo long tail cargo bicycle in trademark Tangerine, Yuba now has many cargo bicycles including:

- The Yuba Mundo V4 is the staple of the Yuba range and is the cargo bike that made them famous. It's light, affordable and tough as nails, with a 200kg load carrying capacity! Available in Tangerine and Black.

- The Yuba Mundo V5 (chromoly steel) came out in 2016, offering a higher quality frame (stronger, lighter and with better finishing), a Shimano hub dynamo lighting system and better components throughout, including tektro hydraulic disc brakes and Schwalbe Big Ben tyres. Available in Metallic Gold or Army Green.

- For some time there was a Yuba Mundo Lux with hub dynamo lighting and disc brakes. This has been superseded by the Yuba Mundo V5 which offers all of that and more.

- The Yuba Mundo electric cargo bicycle is also available. We use the eZee electric bike conversion kit on the Yuba Mundo V4, along with a host of component upgrades for heavy duty use (because we all know people use electric bicycles so much more than non-electric!) and it is amazing. 

- The Accessories for the Yuba really complete the picture. Going through each accessory you can see that they've really thought about the barriers to using bicycles in places like Sydney where infrastructure is patchy. Example - want to carry three kids on your bicycle but there's inadequate bicycle parking at home or at work? No problem, the Yuba is no wider than a normal bicycle and the Yuba monkey bars will cram them all in! Another example - want your kids to be able to enjoy riding their own bicycles, but not all streets are safe enough or the distance from school to home is too far for them? Yuba has a ready to go accessory that lets you tow their bikes while they're not riding them. Arrive at the safe bicycle paths/parks and they can hop off your bike and ride their own!









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Yuba elMundo electric cargo bicycle by eZee Yuba elMundo electric cargo bicycle by eZee Quick View

Yuba elMundo electric cargo bicycle by eZee

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This is the famous Yuba Mundo V4 long tail cargo bicycle fitted with the unbeatable eZee electric bicycle conversion kit including 36V 14.5Ah lithi...
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Yuba Mundo Lux Quick View

Yuba Mundo Lux

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Yuba Mundo V4 - V Brake Yuba Mundo V4 - V Brake Quick View

Yuba Mundo V4 - V Brake

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