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Bicycle Battery Light Amnesty - Trade in for a Hub Dynamo lighting system!

Posted on March 24 2016

We will buy back your battery lights and set you up with a hub dynamo system!

hub dynamo lighting system for bicycles

Tired of having to remove your bicycle lights from your bike each ride? Even more tired of having them stolen when you don't remove them? Hating yourself when you are thoughtful enough to remove them but too careless to remember where you put them? Do you often ride home without lights because you've forgotten to charge them or they aren't rechargeable? 

The inconveniences of staying lit up on your bicycle are so common that it's amazing that more people don't know of the simple solution to it all - hub dynamos! You just jump on your bike, the lights are already there, you ride off and they automatically turn on, just like it should be if you want a bicycle to be about freedom and convenience, not to-do lists and traffic fines!

The most convenient and effective option by far is a hub dynamo system (unless you have an electric bicycle with built-in lights!). The movement of the bicycle (the front hub in particular) generates electricity to run your lights. Your lights are bolted on so you don't have to remove them each ride and of course they don't need charging up. The lights still stay on when you are not moving for several minutes so that you are safe at intersections, through a capacitor. This is referred to as a 'standing light'. You can even buy some lights that allow you to charge other USB devices like your phone or GPS through the hub dynamo. 

Setting yourself up with a hub dynamo lighting system costs approximately $500 all inclusive, for the hub dynamo wheel (approx $300), front ($60-$200) and rear lights ($50) and labour ($50). It involves replacing your front hub with a small generator called a 'hub dynamo'. Typically you just replace the whole front wheel with a hub dynamo wheel, meaning it has a hub dynamo already built into it. Then you need to select front and rear lights compatible with the hub dynamo system. We recommend the B&M Toplight as our hub dynamo rear light of choice. It works best on a rear rack, which if you don't have already, is probably very useful for you. We have several choices of hub dynamo front lights, which typically mount on the front fork. We'll wire it up for you and away you go. You'll never look back and your years of losing lights, having them stolen, forgetting to charge them will be over!

We're so sure you'll love your hub dynamo setup that we'll pre-emptively buy back your battery lights through our 'battery light amnesty' this winter of 2016. We'll offer 100% trade-in value for battery lights you bought from us in the last year towards a hub dynamo setup. Didn't buy your battery lights from us? We'll offer you a minimum of $25 for your working set of battery lights towards a hub dynamo setup.

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