Electric Bicycles in the Sydney Morning Herald

Electric bicycles took page 3 in the Saturday SMH paper a couple weeks ago. It was an informative and very positive article by journalist Matthew Moore and gave the fledgling Sydney e-bike industry a much needed publicity boost. Millions of people in Sydney could benefit from an electric bike yet so many don't even know they exist. Immediately following the article we have had more people through the door, some leaving with electric bicycles and therefore fewer cars blighting the cityscape.


We were chuffed to be featured in this article with the eZee Sprint, photographed together with one of our happy customers. I am also quoted, apparently controversially, speaking out against a proposed copy-cat of the European regulations, particularly the adoption of 25kph speed limiting of e-bikes in Australia. The two articles covered a large section of the third page. You can view them individually online - 'city cyclists embrace e-bikes' informed of the new electric bicycle stores popping up around Sydney and the user of our eZee Sprint's experience in converting to e-bike. In 'An electric dream that's built for comfort, not speed', Matthew Moore writes of his experience riding a Dutch e-bike, the Gazelle, across and around Sydney.

As well as raising the profile of the e-bike industry in the print media, the article spurred some discussion online, particularly a growing thread on the Sydney Cyclist forum. While generally positive, the forum delves into power and speed limits for electric bikes with some divisive opinions, partly in reaction to the 25kph comments. Some of the comments displayed a lack of tolerance and understanding of e-bikes, but this is also normal when levels of awareness of something is low - people are always quick to fear what they don't know. Overall though, it was great to see discussion of e-bikes and while differences of opinion are normal and healthy, it's becoming increasingly clear to more people that electric bicycles offer so much to their owners' mobility, health and social lives while helping others by reducing congestion, air pollution, noise, traffic deaths and environmental degradation.

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