No more flat tyres - guaranteed!

Tragic followers of our blog on e-bikes and bicycles may recall a previous story about punctures in bike tyres and how we should be avoiding them as a matter of pride as sentient beings. Basically the story is that many people cycle and get flat tyres and think it's a fact of life and put up with it or worse, eventually ditch the bicycle. Compare that to motorists - they buy tyres which rarely get flats and they have a spare wheel and tools to replace it in the car with them at all times, even though they don't necessarily know that. In fact, you can't buy a car without those essentials. Surely motorists aren't of a higher intelligence than cyclists?? So let's lift our game.

We recommend the Schwalbe Marathon Plus as the most puncture proof tyre that we know. You can buy the Schwalbe Marathon Plus for $80 each in our store. Although Schwalbe has campaigns and slogans such as 'we make your bike flat-less', there has always been a disclaimer somewhere saying 'we can't actually guarantee your bike will be flat-less' or similar. It's understandable why the disclaimer exists, but we're convinced by the tyre. Our friends' epic cycle trip from Port Augusta to Darwin used these tyres with zero flats on both bikes. Read here about Jim's story 'a tribute to a tire'. So we decided to put our money where our mouths are and offer an actual, practical guarantee against punctures and it goes like this:

"When we fit Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres to your bike, we will fix any punctures it gets for the life of the tyre"

Now it's not just about the tyre of course, as there are other ways to suffer flats on your bike. To complete the picture, we recommend making sure you've covered other important areas on your bike:

  • A high quality floor pump will make it much more likely that you're keeping your tyres inflated properly, reducing 'pinch flats' caused by hitting pot holes with flat tyres. We recommend the Joe Blow Sport for $60. 
  • good inner tubes are an important part of the picture, especially when you're no longer getting punctures (because they need to last longer!). We recommend Schwalbe inner tubes because they hold air for longer and have lower chance of valves leaking or blow outs. 
  • good rim tape is essential. The rim can puncture your tyre if the rim tape is low pressure rated, degrading or low quality. 

So who will you be? Another cyclist with cheap tyres or racing tyres inappropriate to city riding, getting punctures all the time and walking the bike home or a smart one who can't remember the last time they got a flat?

Schwalbe Marathon Plus is available in almost every size conceivable. Other tyres we can recommend if you don't have the (cost or weight) budget for Marathon Plus include Schwalbe Marathon, Schwalbe Durano Plus and Panaracer RiBMo.

Last fact - our eZeebike electric bikes come with Marathon Plus, schwalbe tubes and rim tape as standard, which is why our e-bike warranties and no others, cover everything, including flat tyres.

See you soon for a flat-free future.

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