Welcome home Tim! Well, almost...

Beloved Glow Worm Tim Shmigel left in March for a walk across Australia to raise awareness and money for Lifeline (donate here). He made it to the top, right on schedule. Not wanting to just turn around and fly home, he's decided to ride back on his trusty touring bike, the Vivente World Randonneur (This might seem strange but it's understandable and is why I usually try to plan one-way rides to be towards home, rather than away).

Here's a video by filmmaker and journalist Sandra Odorisio following Tim's completion of the trek. Thanks, Sandra, for your great support. Tim btw is now on a bike from Cairns to Sydney and continuing to put up GPS posts if you want to be in touch with him as he rolls through.

Posted by Everyday Steps on Wednesday, September 9, 2015


To welcome him home, we're throwing a Summer Party on Oct 17 and 18 and donating 10% of all profits from the weekend to Lifeline. Bargains and a good cause and a party, who needed any more excuses to get some great bike and e-bike stuff? (Facebook event here)

For some fun, check out Tim's GPS tracker page, he's covering a lot of distance each day on that bike!

Vivente World Randonneur touring bicycle Townsville


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  • timmy

    I did Brisbane to cape town with brother steve along coast last centary

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