Save big on Christmas presents this year with a great special on micro® scooters. It's pretty simple and applies to the whole range of scooters, kids and adults.

Micro Scooters for Kids and Adults at Glow Worm Bicycles in Sydney

Buy 3 of our scooters of any model and get a 4th scooter free. The free one doesn't have to be the same as any of the other 3 scooters but it can't be worth more than the 3 you paid for. For example, buy a yellow Maxi Micro ($199), a Micro Bullet ($189) and a blue Micro Sprite ($169) and take your pick of any scooter worth $169 or less, like another Micro Sprite or a free Micro Mini. This offer is valid up until Christmas Eve, but the earlier you take advantage, the more scooters there will be to choose from.

We specifically designed this special offer for active networks of local families, such as parent groups, school communities or maybe your friends at the local cafe. Don't know who to connect with? Why not come to one of our Saturday family bike rides and meet some cool people!

So talk to your friends, get organised and then grab a bargain!

- Walk into our store at 117 Addison Road Marrickville, 7 days a week and grab your bargain

- Ring us on 02 9569 9126 and buy over the phone (we can freight these or set them aside for you to pick up)

- Buy our Scooters online. Our website isn't high-tech enough to do a coupon or discount code for this offer, so please order and pay for the first 3 scooters online and put your desired free scooter in the order notes and we'll make sure you get all 4 scooters. You can have them freighted or set aside for pick up.

More information:

Scooters and kids bicycles are always a hit at Christmas time. However, they way that Christmas specials and sales work around scooters is always a bit frustrating and we used to prefer not to take part. Basically it goes like this - a chain store will offer a great price on one particular colour of one popular scooter, usually a Micro Mini Scooter, let's say in Pink or Green and for $109, a genuinely unbeatablmicro mini child's scooter for 1-3 year oldse price. So then you ring around their stores, see which one actually has those in stock, you go and visit out of your area (they don't ship them) and when you get there you wonder if maybe the Micro Maxi might have been a better choice... you try not to think about it, buy the scooter on special, hope that everyone's happy with the colour and there goes your day for a saving of $30.

If you'd rather be spending your time with friends than running around town alone, then this is the special deal for you!





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