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Custom Electric Lowrider with eZee Conversion kit

Posted on July 21 2016

A blast from the past - Jeremy's electric lowrider creation for Aiko. Update from 2016 - this beast of a bike is still ripping up asphalt in Canberra:


Over a year ago, I posted a blog entry about a lowrider I was restoring. After finding a 70s frame in someone's backyard I decided that it was time to make a custom lowrider with an electric difference...

Finally the bike has been finished. The banana seat was re-upholstered by the local furniture repair shop in silver vinyl. Darren from Cranks in Balmain did an amazing 2-tone paint job on the frame. One side red, one side purple! I added a Nexus 7 internal gear hub at the back and built an eZee motor into a front wheel. There is a perfect space beneath the seat for a 14ah battery in it's own waterproof bag. The tricky part was to make a secure mount to hold the battery in place for which I used a piece of decking hardwood and some bits and pieces lying around the workshop. Aiko stitched some leather over the throttle for a classic look and comfy handgrip. 

The bike had its first major outing on the weekend on a camping trip to the beach at Royal National Park. While I puffed away on my unmotored bicycle Aiko cruised in style over the extremely hilly ten kilometres between the train station and Garie Beach. We camped one night, then tackled the hills back to the train. Having not fitted a battery gauge to the bike we don't know how much battery power was consumed, but it made the return trip no problems on one charge. 

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