Glow Worm Electric Bicycles in Sydney has a fully equipped mechanical workshop and offer unmatched service to everyone who owns one of our electric bicycles. Our mission is to keep your glow worm e-bike as your main mode of transport. Visit our workshop page here.

As of September 2019 we are exclusively servicing the electric bicycles that we sold, raising the level of service to our e-bike owners even higher with faster turnaround times and quicker bookings.

This means we are no longer accepting repair work for any non-electric bicycles or for e-bikes that we did not sell - even if you've been here before.

This was not an easy decision to make. We have many hundreds of customers who have chosen us as their repair service of choice for up to 10 years. We are hugely grateful for the trust you've given us in the care of your bicycles. Many of you have recommended friends to us and in fact are owners of our electric bicycles amongst your personal or household stable of two wheelers. 

We've prepared an FAQ to explain the situation. Please read through it and please do not be offended if you are directed back to these questions when attempting to phone or visit the store in person to talk about this. As stated above, we have hundreds, possibly thousands, of workshop customers. That's not to say that any individual isn't important, it just simply means that our staff will be overwhelmed if everyone comes in to talk about this face to face, which will lead to making their jobs very stressful, which has a high human toll. If you have a question that isn't addressed below, please email it to us and I'll try to add it to this list. 

Here goes. I am going to be completely honest, I trust you will prefer that even when it's a bit brutal.

Q - I have a non-electric bike that needs repair and I've been coming to you for years. Can you do it? Can you recommend anyone to repair it?

A - No. We really are sorry. Please try Omafiets Dutch Bicycles in Redfern (omafiets workshop) on 8014 4228

Q - I have an electric bike that needs repair and I've been coming to you for years. Can you do it? Can you recommend anyone?

A - No. As for repair options, e-bikes are complex so we do not have 1 answer for everyone. Ask your supplier first for advice, even if they are not in Sydney. Failing that, check which shops currently sell the brand you are riding and ask them. 

Q - I have a BYK kids bicycle that I bought from you. Will you still repair it?

A - Yes, absolutely.

Q - I still need stuff for my bike like lock, helmets, tubes, spare brake pads, do you still supply these?

A - Absolutely, please come in. You will see a decrease in time of the variety of spare parts we hold, eg brake pads and tubes no problem, chain rings maybe not.

Q - I have an e-bike that I did buy from you. Are you still operating a full and proper workshop that I can use?

A - Yes! Turnaround times will be better than ever.

Q - I have an eZee bike that I didn't buy from you - will you still service it?

A - Yes. We imported every eZee bike into Australia so you did buy it from us in a way.

Q - I have an e-bike of the same brand that you sell (eg Gazelle, Kalkhoff etc) but I didn't buy it from you. Will you service it?

A - Not at the moment, but we may be able to accept these in the near future. Make sure you are on our mail list for news (bottom of every page is the subscribe box)

Q - Why have you chosen non-electric bikes to no longer accept?

A - Our skills and expertise are suited best to electric bicycles owners, as we are able to do things on e-bikes that most other shops cannot. Comparatively, owners of non-electric bicycles have more options for workshop services in Sydney than e-bike owners. Therefore this is the way to free up the most time for us with the least impact for our customers, and focusing in on what we do best

Q - Why are you no longer accepting e-bikes that you didn't sell?

A - It has always been a major challenge to service e-bikes that we didn't sell, because so many of them do not have a solid supply chain where we can efficiently access tech support and spare parts. It's been a long standing internal debate about whether or not to accept the bikes we didn't supply and the time has come to try this out.

Q - Are you hoping we will buy your e-bikes because you're not fixing the one we already have?

A - Naturally we will be more than happy to supply you an e-bike and then you will see how much easier it is for us to keep it serviced and running with control over the supply chain and tech support. But this is not the motivation for these changes. You're free to do what you think is best for your e-bike purchasing and servicing needs, we're just one option for you that can now more effectively 'close the loop' around selling and servicing.

Q - Why now after 10 years?

A - Well perhaps we should have done this from the start, who knows. But why right now and today is that we've had some staff move on and we've always had an issue of having too much workshop work which goes against our mission of supplying e-bikes as a main mode of transport - if you can't get prompt workshop repairs, you can't rely on it as a primary mode of transport

Q - Is this forever?

A - Possibly not. We will inform everyone via our email list if this changes. But I dont think we'll ever go back to how we used to be, where every bike under the sun is accepted.

Q - How is it that you want fewer workshop customers?

A - We are too busy. This leads to an inability to service everyone promptly and properly, resulting in inconvenience for customers and dis-organisation and stress in our store. It's a lose-lose. Lower level of service for customers and lower level of happiness in our store

Q - People say time = money. Why can't you just use the money from the workshop repairs to hire more mechanics, rent more space and make it all work out?

A - Perhaps a better business person could manage that, but we can't. With all the work that goes behind the scenes, staff training, tools, endless parts in stock, special orders etc, the ends don't meet. Time is only equal to money if you sell a commodity, whereas we trade on passion, energy, commitment etc. And we only have so much time. One of the owners lives in NZ now with 2 small kids, the other in Australia with 3 little tots. 

Q - Even if money doesn't buy time, it buys a lot of things. How will you survive with less profit?

A - This is the funny thing - we don't make any profit from fixing bikes, we lose money from fixing bikes - the workshop profit has never covered the workshop wages and rent and other overheads. Those costs are covered by sales of e-bikes. Don't feel bad if you've come here for servicing over the years but not bought an e-bike - that's our fault, not yours. We needed to charge you more or change how we did things years ago. And so this is us changing the way we do things in a way we think is a win for us and those who have bought e-bikes from us. 

Q - Is this forever?

A - Possibly not. We will inform everyone via our email list if this changes. But I dont think we'll ever go back to how we used to be, where every bike under the sun is accepted.

Q - Is it possible you're just not very good at organising things? Do you need a good manager?

A - Yes. If you know someone who is experience and skilled at running managing small business operations, we would love to meet them. We probably still won't take non-electric bikes back into the workshop, but we have many other issues that we need help with!





















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