Some GLOW WORM History

The Store

Glow Worm Bicycles opened its doors in Marrickville, Sydney’s inner west in 2009, making it one of the first retail electric bicycle stores in Sydney and is now open for e-bike test-riding, bike repairs, accessories sales or a chat. Located on the corner of Addison and Illawarra Road, the shop is conveniently near to the Addison Road Community Centre, well known for its Sunday Organic Markets and Reverse Garbage.

The shopfront takes a prominent corner location in one of Marrickville's historic buildings – the now derelict Dance Hall.


The People


The most experienced bicycle industrialist in our growing team, Sarah has been apprentice, trainee, mechanic, sales and manager at a host of bicycle shops in Sydney's inner west. After the collapse of the Cranks bicycle shop empire, we were very lucky to be attract her talent. A recent graduate of frame-building under Dave Bohm at Bohemian Bikes in Arizona, Sarah is now turning her attention on her role as manager at Glow Worm Bicycles, making sure that your experience is as smooth as it is fun. A slowly reforming believer in cantilever brakes, Sarah has a variety of fast and sleek bikes to choose from. 


Ali Cheong

Ali started working at Glow Worm to fill in the hours between university but after many enjoyable years at the bike shop she gave up on the academic career. She can help you with mechanics, solve electric problems and of course provide advice on the best bike for you. She's had the benefit of working at the shop since 2011 and in that time has gleaned as much as possible from the Legends of the Past.

With enthusiasm that only comes from a love of bikes, she continues to pile on the skills while setting the example for the inner west, living a car-free lifestyle riding around with her children. You might see Ali in the store with her kids or around Sydney on her electric bakfiets cargo bike, her Yuba Mundo electric cargo bike, Vivente World Randonneur touring bicycle or many other creations.



New recruit for 2014, Jesse is hitting the ground pedalling, learning the quirks of the Glow Worm shop, workshop and colourful customers. Jesse is found astride fixed gear bikes, polo bikes, a custom self-built touring bicycle and more. A bicycle polo afficionado and former Stallion Bicycles mechanic, Jesse is revelling in the variety of bicycles that come across his bench in Marrickville and is undergoing a crash course in electric bicycle mechanics. Book your bike in with Jesse and you'll quickly see why we're so stoked to have such a thorough, thoughtful, enthusiastic and committed mechanic on board. 

Maurice Wells

Maurice – that’s me. I’ve been involved in the Sydney cycling community for many years and helped to get Bike Club up and running when it was the Nunnery in Newtown. I studied Solar Energy engineering at UNSW where I started the UNSW Bike Club. I first met electric bicycles around this time and saw a huge potential to get more people onto two wheels more of the time with this technology. I went on to write my graduating thesis on electric bicycles and battery design and left with first class honours in 2007. From there it was into the solar industry by starting the Sydney Energy Cooperative. I kept working on electric bicycles as a hobby and finally took the plunge in 2009 with the goal of bringing the world’s best electric bicycles to Sydney and Australia. I couldn’t be happier with the products we’ve got, the people working with me and the community we’re in, so I think we’re on the right track. These days you'll find me promoting electric bicycles in Auckland from my new store The Electric Bicycle Hub Auckland!

Evelyn, Oskar, Milyari and Warnurra

These fresh new arrivals can be seen bouncing, sleeping and soon crawling around the Glow Worm workshop when you least expect them...


Legends of Glow Worms past


Poppy was a Glow Worm for their first time working at a bicycle store. They were super eager to learn all the elements of the bike shop and gain experience across the workshop and warehouse. They love to tour around Australia and Aotearoa with their friends. You probably recognise Poppy from their involvement in activism. They are regularly photographing coal mining or Westconnex motorway protests. 

Jeremy ‘Jez’ Wells


Formerly shop manager, graphic designer, bicycle mechanic, rider in the Nepali Himalaya e-bike tour and constructeur of shop fit-out, Jeremy has moved back to Canberra to practice as an architect. He's getting around Canberra on a custom built cargo bike converted to electric with an eZee kit. Check out his blog posts on car-free survival in Canberra.

Mr Jones


Griffen Jones keeps our customers and their bikes mechanically happy in the workshop with skilled hands and a cool head. With many years experience at Clarence St and even longer on whichever bikes he and his friends are riding, you'll be glad your bike is in Griff's hands and even happier when you get it back. When he's not drumming in punk bands Griffen has been spotted around town on custom single speed and road bike creations. Griffen's talents and lovable nature are now being enjoyed by Primary School students in the inner west.

Abraham Wile


The most experienced electric bicycle technician this side of the tracks, Abraham graduated from the UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Solar Energy Engineering with an honours thesis in electric bicycle transport. Abraham loves to get inside the inner workings of electric motors, controllers, batteries, chargers, throttles and anything else that can be modified to tweak a bicycle to extreme awesomeness. Staying ahead of a vast range of e-bike products and developments from around the world, Abraham brings invaluable technical know-how to Glow Worm Bicycles. He’s not limited to the electric world and can help you out with all your human powered needs. Abraham is a graduate of the United Bicycle Institute's world renowned intensive bicycle mechanics course including wheel building, advanced suspension and advanced mechanics!


Our latest e-bike technician comes in the human form of Hughoce 'three motors' Feng. With a collection of self-built electric bikes that challenge the dimensions of any garage, Hughoce has seen almost everything that can go wrong with electricity and two wheels. A staunch supporter of pedal choice, Hughoce adds to Glow Worm's capacity to keep the electric bicycles of Sydney zipping along. What does he ride these days? Ask him and he'll tell you, there's no e-bike better than the pocket rocket eZee Street

Ryan Castle

The unseen but highly appreciated brains behind the website, Ryan has helped set up the Drupal websites for the Sydney Energy Cooperative, Thoughtful Foods, UNSW Enviro Collective and now this website you're admiring now. Recently finishing a bicycle epic from Cairns to Alice Sprints and interested in a range of environmental issues and sustainability, Ryan’s is a face you’ll be happy to see at environmental issues around the traps. Check out the Omafiets Dutch Bicycles website for yet another.

Aiko Mineishi


Photographer, video producer and digital artist, dumpling maker and celebrated electric bicycle model, Aiko came from Yamaguchi, Japan to study media at the University of Canberra and we all hope she’ll stick around. Now working in Canbera, she turns heads by speeding up hills and whizzing through traffic jams on her custom built low-rider with eZee electric kit and has produced videos for Glow Worm including Canberra by electric bicycle and Tasmanian e-bike tour.

Dr Kaitlin Beare


A Sydney cyclist ever since she became yet another Canberra ex-pat, Dr Kaitlin is making sure the books are having as much fun as the bikes in the shop, when she isn't being the window display. If you're ever shoplifting from Glow Worm Bicycles you'd better call us up after to let us know the item codes and quantities of what was stolen so that the stock take remains accurate, or you'll have Kaitlin to answer to. Kaitlin is now at Sydney Uni full time as a post doc working the chemicals and teaching chemistry to undergraduates.


Lisa Morgen


Lisa hails from the cycle heaven of Fredericia, Denmark, bringing international wrenching experience and decent music to the workshop at Glow Worm. Bring her a good cup of (soy) coffee with your bike and she will be sure to treat it like a loved one. Favourite bicycle: The fast one and the even faster one. Favourite electric bike: The stylish eZee Cadence. Lisa is also a graduate of the United Bicycle Institute's mechanical courses including frame building, wheel building and advanced suspension. Lisa has moved back to Denmark now, hopefully not forever. You can track her down at her new bike workshop, Thunderfist Cyckler in Copenhagen.

Adrian Emilsen

Adrian brings a lifetime of diverse experience to the shop, offering expert advice on everything from cycling with young children to choosing the best bicycle parking facilities for your workplace. As well as working as mechanic and customer service at Glow Worm Bicycles, Adrian teaches cycling confidence courses for Bikewise works on various bicycle projects with the City of Sydney, and occasionally lectures on cycling for transport at universities. Adrian is on the board of BikeSydney  and can also be spotted racing and training with the local Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club.

Dylan Prins

Few people have given so much to cycling advocacy and sustainability in Australia and still look so handsome. Dylan has been involved in Bike Club in Newtown and now Waterloo for many years, helped out at the CERES bike shed and Human Powered Cycles in Melbourne, participated in and helped organise the Otesha Cycling for Sustainability eco-performance tours. He is now imparting his creativity and passion into the Glow Worm Bicycles shop fitout. Other interests include edible-gardening, urban permaculture and re-using materials, Dylan is an urban wwoofer and has minimised his involvement in the cash economy and focused on more meaningful exchanges of barter trades, including his work at Glow Worm Bicycles. Dylan made our workshop bench and many of the shop's shelving from recycled timber and fasteners. Dylan's latest adventure is travelling from Australia to Sri Lanka by hitching rides on boats. His quest is to reconnect with his culture there and learn his mother tongue. Check out his great video



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