For a limited time, pre-order your Jordaan GT and save $400. Expected arrival is mid-late April, 2022.

Dutch bike manufacturer, Lekker, has introduced a new commuter model to their line of popular e-bikes. The Lekker Jordaan GT is based on the Jordaan step-through e-bike, with some premium features to give it even more versatility.

We’re impressed by the Jordaan GT because Lekker have managed to include a range of premium bike components and accessories for a reasonable price, compared to its competitors.

The Jordaan GT has brawn and beauty

Here’s what we love about this bike:

  • The Bafang mid-drive motor gives you up to 80 Newton-metres (Nm) of torque, which is great for tackling big hills and hauling lots of cargo. A mid-drive motor also feels very natural and intuitive compared to a hub motor, as the power works with the power of your legs and assistance from the bike’s gears. By comparison, this motor is not far behind top-tier motors from Bosch and Shimano, which put out up to 85 Nm of torque.
  • Two battery options gives you a generous riding range of either 70 km (418 Wh battery) or 90 km (500 Wh battery) - more than enough for multiple days of commuting on one charge.
  • The Enviolo rear hub gives you continuous control of the gear ratio using the smooth grip shifter, instead of clicking between a set number of gears. This allows you to fine-tune the gears, whilst the low maintenance  internal hub keeps the gear system protected from water and the elements.
  • The Gates belt drive (made of carbon-fibre cord) is smooth, quiet, weather-resistant and low maintenance (no need to lubricate, as you do with a metal chain).

A punchy Bafang M420 mid-drive motor gives up to 250W of continuous power and 80 Nm of torque

Enviolo continuously variable internal gear hub for smooth shifting

Sleek and silent Gates belt drive

With these components, the Jordaan GT can be considered a step-through equivalent of the step-over Lekker Amsterdam GT Enviolo.

The Jordaan GT also has everything we would expect in a good quality commuter e-bike, including:

  • Hydraulic disc brakes (made by Dutch company, Elvedes) for strong, responsive braking
  • Front rack (10 kg weight limit, with optional basket) and rear rack (25 kg weight limit, compatible with pannier bags and some child seats) gives you both cargo and child-carrying options
  • LCD display showing essential information such as power mode, speed, trip distance and range estimate
  • Aluminium frame to help keep the total bike weight down (23 kg)
  • Front and rear mudguards
  • Front and rear lights that run off the bike battery, so they don’t need separate charging. The rear light is cleverly integrated into the seatpost.
  • Centre kickstand and handlebar lock to maximise stability when the bike is parked.

Front and rear Elvedes hydraulic disc brakes 

Carry up to 35 kg between the front and rear racks 

The seat tube-integrated rear light is a unique touch

As mentioned, the Jordaan GT is based on the Jordaan e-bike, which has a few noticeable differences:

  • Lower torque (45 Nm) front hub motor
  • External rack-mounted battery (500 Wh) with rear light
  • 3-speed Shimano internal gear hub and chain
  • A more vintage-looking Dutch frame design
  • One kilogram heavier
  • $1,600 - $1,900 cheaper, depending on the battery size selected

As such, we think the Jordaan is a more affordable option suited to less hilly roads and hauling light cargo, whereas the Jordaan GT is for those who want more grunt from the motor, and also value the hassle-free Gates belt drive and smooth feel of the continuous shifting Enviolo hub. 

Despite its practicality, the Jordaan GT is still a looker! The step-through frame is a stylish Dutch design, there are three available colours (concrete blue, cream matte and satin black), the removable battery is seamlessly integrated into the frame, and the Bafang M420 motor has a relatively compact size and shape. Turns out you can have both looks and brains!

Blink and you'll miss the frame-integrated battery

Overall, the Jordaan GT is a well-designed, good-looking, versatily commuter e-bike that would feel equally at home on city streets or weekend gravel rides. At $4,298 for the 418 Wh battery version (70 km range), or $4,598 for the 500 Wh battery version (90 km range), the Jordaan GT is great value compared to similar bikes made by other brands, which are upwards of $5,500.

For a limited time, pre-order your Jordaan GT and save $400. Expected arrival is mid-late April, 2022.