• AXA hub dynamo or Bosch ebike rear light

AXA Riff LED rear dynamo light

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This bright LED tail-light is ideal for hub dynamo light set ups. It has a standlight (also called a parking light), which means it'll keep shining for a few minutes when you're not riding so that you won't be left in the dark whenever you stop.

You'll need some wire to connect this light to your front dynamo light. (front lights normally come with this wire). Do not connect this wire straight to a hub dynamo, it might provide too much power for it. 

This light is also compatible with Bosch electric bicycles, though some extra wiring and plugs generally also need to be purchased if the electric bicycle was not originally supplied with lighting. 

This is not a replacement light for eZee electric bicycles, these come fitted with e-bike specific 36V lights such as the Spanninga 36V rear LED e-bike light

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