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  • ByK E-450
  • ByK E-450
  • ByK E-450
  • ByK E-450
  • ByK E-450
  • ByK E-450
  • ByK E-450
  • ByK E-450

ByK E-450


Lilac Haze
Ninja Green
Midnight black
Bright Blue
Celeste Green
Soft Yellow
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Product Details

The best kids bike on the market.

With weight savings and efficiency levels never seen before on a child's bike, the E-450 was reviewed by Bicycling Australia as a clear standout kids bike.

Design: At the heart of every ByK Bike is a well designed frame and weighing just 1.2kg our lightweight frame is easier to ride and manoeuvre. The ergonomic design ensures a great fit and superb handling, your child will have a light and easy bike to ride. Our custom sized and shaped V-bars is another unique design - by considering shoulder width, riding position, safety and comfort our handlebars are made for kids.

Performance: With lightweight alloy wheels, we've made pedalling easier - our taller, more efficient wheel sizing has a dynamic advantage that other bikes can't match. And like the professionals, we've added radial spokes on the front wheel. Our smooth, faster-rolling tyres don't wear little legs out so quickly - the pattern is easy rolling and very robust.

Safety: In every respect greater safety is what each ByK Bike is about and when it comes to brakes, we have no peer. We have used alloy front and rear calipers with light action for superior control and a simple and safe coaster style foot brake. The best of both worlds we believe.

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