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Discover the Cabby C7 - now in sleek black

With this safe family bike, Gazelle proves that a modern cargo bike and elegant design go hand in hand. Because of the low centre of gravity and the clever position of the handlebar, saddle and pedals, you hardly notice that you are on the road with a cargo bike. And with a full box or some headwind you can simply drop down to one of the lower gears.


The Gazelle Cabby has always been a favourite cargo box bike at Glowworm Bicycles. The riding position is upright and comfortable to allow for high visibility and great handling with any weight in the bucket. Co-owner Maurice Wells uses the Cabby to cart around his kids. 

The Cabby also comes standard with a bench and seat belts allowing for either two large children or three smaller children to sit side by side. Perfect for all those random kids who will want to jump in and go for a ride :)

The design also integrates the maxi cosy mounts, for safe install of your maxi cosy accessories. This way you can ride way from the hospital with your brand new baby safely in the maxi cosy baby capsule (or soon after birth).

The rack should not be ignored. This heavy duty rack is prefabricated with Yepp window to cart around another toddler, or child using the Yepp Maxi or Yepp Junior seats. 

Finally to the most versatile part of the bike, the whole bucket can fold inwards. Streamlining the cargo box bike into a regular width bicycle. This is ideal for users after drop-off of children and moving onwards into work/other activities or also safely parking your bike with contents in the bucket.

The bike is made of steel, a robust repairable material. And comes in at 38.4kgs.

This bike is quiet dutch in design, roller brakes and non-electric. But at Glowworm we can get the bike modified to Sydney's hilly standards to allow for an easier ride.



  • Immediately feels like the Gazelle among cargo bikes
  • What can be more fun than the kids side by side, safely strapped in
  • Effortless parking thanks to twin-leg stand and folding box
  • Available in any colour as long as it’s black
  • Low weight and wide tyres give this bike an easy ride

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