eZee Sprint Alfine 8 stepthrough electric bicycle

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The eZee Sprint is one of the most recognised electric bike in Sydney. The bike has been used by hundreds of users for over...

eZee Street 7 compact electric bicycle

eZee Electric Bicycles
  eZee Street 20″ Compact City Electric Bike With one quick test ride, you will see why this is the handiest electric bike you’ll...

eZee Sprint 7 step through electric bicycle

Electric Bicycles eZee Electric Bicycles
The eZee Sprint makes choosing an electric bike easy. Unmatched value and performance, perfect comfort and balance, step through frame, high quality and low...

eZee Radkutsche Rapid Cargo Box Bike

$9,499.00 $7,999.00
Box Bike Clearance sale! Cargo Bicycles Electric Bicycles eZee Electric Bicycles
The Rapid is by far the most capable and robust long john available. Designed in Germany and hand welded in the Czech Republic using...

eZee Expedir Alfine LST T4 electric cargo bike

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Thank you for taking the time to explore the great range of eZee bikes. The eZee Expedir Alfine 8 with the new Generation 3...

eZee Carro electric safety tricycle

eZee Electric Bicycles
Carro " 20 Electric Utility Tricycle:The uses for the Carro are endless: Errand runner, shopping hauler, events and commutes. You set the task and...
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eZee Quando folding electric bicycle Quick View

eZee Quando electric folding bicycle

$2,699.00 $1,999.00
eZee Electric Bicycles Folding Electric Bicycles
Quando Electric Folding bike Planes, boats, car trunks, under your desk or in a tight corner. The eZee Quando quick 15 seconds fold-up sequence...

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