eZee Sprint Alfine 8 stepthrough electric bicycle

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The eZee Sprint is one of the most recognised electric bike in Sydney. The bike has been used by hundreds of users for over 8 years. In accessing our mechanic's database and deep consultation with existing Sprint 7 customers, we were able to design the new improved Sprint Alfine. The Sprint Alfine now comes complete with Shimano Alfine Hydraulic brakes, Shimano Alfine 8 speed internal gears and chain tensioner. These significant developments allow the bike to extend the time between services. The brake improvements see pads wear slower and ultimately some of the most powerful braking on the market. The more robust and larger range of gears really assists the powerful eZee motor on Sydney hills. This gear improvement is coupled with a chain tensioner, removing the requirement to adjust and tighten the chain every six months. If you're looking to commute 5 days a week, look no further.


The T4 system is eZee third generation of eZee software. The improved SineWave controller is coupled with a torque sensing bottom bracket and LCD display, resulting in the most easy to use electric bike on the market. The changes in the pedal assistance design from motion sensor to torque sensor results in a more intuitive ride, as every pedal stroke is matched with eZee assistance. The sine wave controller is programmed to allow the throttle to ramp slowly, so throttle assistance from a stationary position is controlled and smooth. The new display increases the power options to 9, making keeping a consistent speed with fellow riders achievable.  


The eZee Sprint makes choosing an electric bike easy. Unmatched value and performance, perfect comfort and balance, huge range of battery choices, step through frame, high quality and low maintenance components and the e-bike of choice for the City of Sydney Council, Marrickville Council, the Watershed Cargo Bicycle Library, Bangarra Dance Company, Randwick Council, Lend Lease and Sydney Festival. The question is - why wouldn't you want to ride a Sprint?


The eZee Sprint is a perfect all-rounder electric bicycle. With a comfortable step through frame providing an upright sitting position and plenty of user-friendly features, this bicycle will make cycle commuting, shopping and city riding hassle free. The robust compact Shimano Alfine 8 internal hub gears and Schwalbe puncture-resistant tyres reduce maintenance problems and there will be no more recharging batteries for your bike lights on this ride! Equipped with centre mount double leg kick stand, mud guards, rear rack, speedometer and front and rear lights. 


The Sprint is the star of the show, easily the best selling e-bike of them all. You'll see why when you test ride one - comfortable, practical and just so good looking. It's got more than just comfort - the Sprint is as reliable and robust as the rest of them - check out how it went on Australia's ultimate e-bike hill climbing test, Mt Wellington in Tasmania, followed shortly after by a cross country, off road, windy, steep and rainy trip through the Tasmanian Central Plateau. In 2012 it adds a trip from Cairns to Rockhampton, Queensland to its ride list.


The Sprint was also featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, with the owner relishing riding up the steep hills out of Coogee beach!

The Sprint is available in the shop for test riding or purchase. Not near us? We have dealers Australia wide, check out our dealers page to see if there is one near you Detailed Specifications below, or check out eZeebike's website for more information.

The eZee range is available with batteries up 1000Wh, unmatched in the e-bike world. Check out the  AXA plug in chain for convenient locking.

Watch the Sprint enjoying its cross-Tasmanian adventure, conquering hills, wind and rain with ease!

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