• eZee Street compact electric bicycle up worlds steepest street
  • eZee Street compact electric bicycle

eZee Street compact electric bicycle without battery


British Racing Green
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Please note that you need to also purchase a battery for this electric bicycle.

eZee Street 20″ Compact City Electric Bike

With one quick test ride, you will see why this is the handiest electric bike you’ll ever meet. Compact and easy to manoeuvre, this zippy e-bike features sturdy front basket and unbeatable hill-climbing ability.The eZee Street is as small and fun as a folding bike without any of the compromises. That means a more comfortable riding position, a Shimano 7 speed internal gear hub, no funny bolts and stuff to jiggle and take away from your smooth riding and a stylish, sturdy metal front basket.

Like all eZeebikes, it’s only got the best ingredients, from Shimano internal hub gears to Schwalbe Big Apple super comfortable balloon tyres.

If you’ve found most bicycles are just a bit too big for you or your house, or if you just want an e-bike that’s easy to hop onto and cruise to the shops in style, then this one’s for you. Frame available in Black, White and Red. (also don’t think that just because it’s small it doesn’t pack a punch, this motor in a reduced size wheel means it has the highest torque of them all!)

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