• Portland Design Works Radbot 1000

Portland Design Works Radbot 1000

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The Brightest tail light we sell, and definitely as much light as anyone would want to throw out without causing harm. Really powerful 1w bulb and built in reflector for maximum visibility.

Built with a powerful 1.0-watt Nichia LED bulb in red, the Radbot 1000 from Portland Design Works defends you and your bike against rear collisions with three eye-catching modes. Running with two AAA batteries, the Radbot offers runtimes of 30 hours in flashing mode and 15 hours in steady modes. The Radbot's precision Euro reflector, meanwhile, maintains your visibility even when the LED is not illuminated. The Radbot comes complete with a backpack clip as well as a rack, seatpost, and seatstay mount so that it is easy to secure to your bike or your person. The on/off switch must be held for 1.5 seconds, preventing the Radbot from being accidentally turned on in your pocket or bag when not in use. Built to withstand all weather conditions, the Radbot carries a lifetime warranty against defects from Portland Design Works.X