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  • Yuba Spicy Curry
  • Yuba Spicy Curry
  • Yuba Spicy Curry

Yuba Spicy Curry

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The Spicy Curry is a two-wheeled freedom machine for families or anyone else who loves to bike with things. Load this bike to your heart's content, and suddenly you've got a viable alternative to the bus or your car. Just try to reach the cargo limit of 130kg! Be a hipper, healthier, and happier family—and still be on time to soccer practice.Â

The Spicy Curry is on fire. It’s got a ton of torque from it's Bosch Performance Line CX 400Wh motor. Don’t know what that means? Here’s what: you’ll get ahead of traffic when you make the jump off the stop light, and you’ll race up that last hill home, even if you’re tired from a long day and loaded down with kiddos and groceries.

The software on Spicy Curry is smarter than ever — it feels like it’s reading your mind. Press the pedals and you’re soon racing ahead of traffic. Touch the brakes and you drop that speed in no time. With the Spicy Curry you’ve got a low-rider cargo rack so kids can jump on and off more easily than ever, and your center of gravity with a full load is rock-solid.

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