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The eZee Expedir is so popular that you can now choose from different frame options and different levels of component specification. That's great news, but how to choose? This article will help you understand the different Expedir options. It does not cover colours. If you're looking for information on the accessories available for the eZee Expedir, click here

eZee Expedir STD electric cargo bicycle

What are the different Expedir frame types?

The eZee Expedir comes in two frame types - Low Step Through (LST) or Standard Step Through (STD), for example the eZee Expedir LST Alfine, or the eZee Expedir STDQuick tip - the LST is more popular. And the smaller you are, the more likely you want the (LST). 

The Standard (STD) frame is a conventional step through with a sloping top tube. Why would you choose the Standard frame Expedir?  

  • More traditional frame design helps with aesthetics
  • Traditional frame design provides compatibility with some accessories that the LST does not, such as the Dutch front rack by Azor.
  • Big (tall and heavy) people sometimes find it a more rigid frame when pedalling hard
  • Ability to help steady the bike when standing over it (not riding) with the top tube between your legs

The Low Step Through (LST) frame is one of the great achievements of the eZee Expedir in making cargo bicycles more accessible to a greater demographic, including smaller or less confident riders. By using high quality Chromoly steel, the frame manufacturers are able to achieve a very low step through, making it easy to get on and off the bike. The LST is by far the more popular choice.

  • Lower step through makes it easy to get on and off the bicycle, especially for shorter and lighter people
  • You don't have to lean the bike to get your leg over the bar - a huge advantage on a cargo bicycle with people are on board. 
  • Makes using front child seats such as the Yepp mini easier
  • Enhanced ability to share the Expedir between parents/friends. When carrying kids is involved, it's important for your vehicle to be versatile, as the person dropping kids off isn't always the one picking them up! Ditto for bicycles used as work vehicles (bicycle couriers etc)
  • Higher resale value (if you ever let it out of your life!) as more people are in the market for the LST model
eZee Expedir LST electric cargo bike

What's the difference between the eZee Expedir and the eZee Expedir Alfine? 

When the eZee Expedir first hit the market, it was available in both frame types, but only one level of specification, which is known simply as the eZee Expedir. Late in 2015 we brought out the eZee Expedir Alfine with upgraded Shimano Alfine hydraulic disc brakes, upgraded Alfine internal hub gears and upgraded bright L1000 front lightQuick tip - the Alfine model is better in so many ways. If you can afford it, then buy it!

The eZee Expedir is a bike that's built to be used! And given how versatile and fun and easy it is to ride, our customers sure were using them a lot and were loathe to part with them for servicing. This resulted in many instances of upgrading the Expedir's brakes (from Shimano mechanical disc brakes to Shimano metallic-compatible Hydraulic Disc brakes) for lower maintenance and safer stopping. A brighter front light is always a popular safety upgrade on electric bicycles and the Expedir had some added reasons to do this - the L1000 upgraded light could be fitted on the handlebar, making more room for front racks and baskets. And while we were getting Shimano Alfine hydraulic disc brakes, completing the set with Shimano Alfine 8 speed internal gears just made sense. The result was even lower maintenance, especially given how long the chain is on a long tail cargo bicycle. And the best part - all of the upgrades come in at only an extra $650, which is less than half what it would cost to retrofit these upgrades. And remember, the eZee Expedir was already very popular due to its high quality parts such as Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres, AXA Defender wheel lock and more as standard - these upgrades just make a great bike even better.

L1000 bright front light for electric bicycle

So is the eZee Expedir or the eZee Expedir Alfine the one for you? There's no downsides to the Alfine except for the initial investment, so it's hard to list reasons why you wouldn't choose the Expedir Alfine model. However, some more helpful advice might be to consider the list below, describing what kind of riders or riding patterns benefit most from the upgrades offered by the Expedir Alfine:

  • I'm all about getting the lowest maintenance bike possible
  • I live in a hilly area so I have to brake a lot
  • I live in an area where I have to ride in traffic, so I have to brake a lot
  • Taking my Expedir to the shop for service and then getting home again and managing without it for a few days is a major hassle for me
  • I have to ride in traffic, so a front light bright enough to be seen in day or night is a smart investment for safety
  • I would consider upgrading the lights or brakes if I were to buy the normal Expedir
Shimano Alfine metallic compatible hydraulic disc brakes for electric bicycles

You can navigate to the different eZee Expedir options using the product photos below. Or click here to see all of our electric cargo bicycles. 







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