The 14 Day Electric Bike Challenge!


When we started in 2010, most people didn't know what an electric bicycle was. While this has certainly changed, it's still the case that almost no-one knows how life-changing owning one will be for them! It seems that you're either in the know, like our raving customers, or you're not. Yet those same raving customers were once normal people too...

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Introducing the 14 Day Electric Bike Challenge – an intensive experience bringing e-bikes right into your life! It's fun and it's free! How does it work?


STEP 1: NOMINATIONS!                                                                                       

You can nominate yourself or someone you know, by providing us as much information as possible about the challenger, in particular their transport needs.


  • Where do they live, and where do they need to go day to day (think outside of the work commute – most of us go all sorts of places and you'd be surprised how many of these trips an e-bike can be made faster and more fun by bike!)?

  • What things or people will need to go on the bike with the challenger?

  • Is there somewhere convenient to put the bike at home/work/elsewhere?


Anyone is eligible for nomination. It's all free, but there's a commitment to take photos of the bike and rider in action and to share the experience on our website and finally, to nominate at least 3 other people to take the Challenge!



We choose the lucky challenger and come up with a 14 day plan and agree on which trips will be attempted by electric bicycle (it is not a requirement that all trips will be done on the bike). We choose not just which e-bike they're going to use, but everything else they need to make for a successful two weeks such as locks, maps, child seats, rain gear and more. Most people aren't used to getting around by bike, which is what makes the challenge so rewarding. We'll show the challenger the easiest way to deal with day to day things like finding somewhere to securely lock your bike, how to take your bike on the train, the safest routes to take and more! In the event that the Challenger is not local to us, this role may be filled by the person who nominated them.

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Of course, not everyone who is nominated will be chosen, we only have so many e-bikes! If you aren't chosen, we will still give our best advice on what kind of set-up would work best for you and we'll keep you in mind for future Challenges.




This is where it all happens! 14 days of life with an e-bike, leaving transport stress behind. 14 days where getting around will be the best part of your day! Take lots of photos and share widely (#14dayebikechallenge). Contact us with any questions or hurdles you face and take notes of the best parts and the most challenging part of your fortnight. Help us out with a little interview at the end and start nominating your friends!

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