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The Electric Bicycle

So what’s the fuss about? The electric bicycle is a bicycle with an electric motor to help move it along resulting in an astonishingly efficient mode of transport. Lightweight, reliable, compact and silent, the motor will make you feel like a cyclist with wings. Hills, headwinds, long distances, everything you want to carry, it all becomes possible, easy and fun with an e-bike. You can get a factory made electric bicycle or retrofit the electrics to an existing bicycle. Either way, the quick facts are:

  • Travel around 25-32km/h

  • Battery range up to 100km

  • Charging time 4 hours

  • Travel cost approx 20c/100km or 1kg CO2/100km

  • 2 year warranty on major components (click here for details)

  • no need for registration or license, take it anywhere you can take a bicycle

Please see our product range for specifics or consult our FAQ page for your questions.


Our Products

Glow Worm Bicycles is an importer, distributor retailer and workshop. We are the Australian distributors of eZeebike, one of the world’s finest electric bicycles. We can also convert your bicycle or any of our range of bikes to become your electric dreamship.

We operate as a fully equipped electric bicycle store with mechanical workshop, bicycle parts and accessories, bikes for test riding and purchase, and all service and warranty repairs. Our shopfront is in Marrickville, Sydney. Nowhere near us? Look for our products from our dealers.