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Electric Bicycle Touring

Ever wanted to go on an electric bicycle adventure? You're not the only one! Here's where we put information about those who've ridden their electric bicycle that little bit further!


eZee Forza electric bicycle tour from Cape York to SydneySydney is doing its best impression of winter and our response is to go on another classic eZee electric bicycle epic ride, from the tropical tip of Cape York, along the East Coast and back to the spiritual home of e-bikes in Australia - Glow Worm Bicycles in Sydney's innerwest. The trip is to start at the tip in early August and finish back in Sydney mid September, roughly according to the schedule below.

The riders: Maurice hopes to ride the entire trip, sand, dirt and everything. Kaitlin and Natalya plan to join in the Cairns - Rockhampton section; less crocodile, more snorkelling with tropical fish. You're also welcome to join in on sections of this ride. It would be lovely to ride in and out of some towns with locals, electric assisted or not! We hope to have a fair contingent for the last part into Marrickville.

The route: To ride from Bamaga, far north Queensland, through 800km of mountain bike and crocodile territory, diverting from the main road to ride through Lakefield National Park and through the Daintree along the Bloomfield Track to Cape Tribulation and then on to Cairns. From Cairns the ride will go southward along the water, traversing the entire Great Barrier Reef at the speed of an electrified bicycle. Brisbane will be reached via the Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba (suggestions please?) for a tour of local bike shops wishing to view the motorised bicycle that went where no other has ever gone before. From Brisbane the route will head ever Marrickville-ward, along the New England or the Coast, depending on public demand...

The bikes: this ride will showcase the soon-to-be-released electric mountain bike from eZeebike, the new and improved eZee Forza RWD (rear wheel drive). The Forza RWDcomes standard with rear wheel motor and we've added Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB tyre option for those loose surfaced roads, L1000 lumen e-bike headlight powered by the 36V lithium e-bike battery to see everything coming, upgraded front shock for bigger bumps and 11-34T rear cassette for more gear range to pull me up those sandhills. In a world first, eZeebikes now have the option of a whopping 36V 20Ah lithium battery as an option on all models and this, of course, will be the battery used on this ride. Kaitlin and Natalya will be riding an eZee Sprint, the same trusty steed that took us over the Tasmanian Central Plateau.

This ride of epic distance, including sections rarely attempted on two wheels, will be done on an e-bike you can buy 'off the shelf'! We're more than a little proud of how good our e-bikes are and challenge anyone to find a bike for sale in Australia (or in the world) that is capable of doing half the electric bicycle tours that eZeebikes have done. If anyone thinks they've found one, we'll count you in for this ride :)

If you know of any bike shops that I should visit or bicycle/community groups along the way that would be interested to round up a few people for a casual meeting, please let them and me know!

I'll be doing info sessions, test ride days, Q&A about the e-bike revolution, meeting with cycling and environment groups and with any bike shops that would like to do a bit of cross promotion and check out what the fuss is about. If you'd like to help organise, help promote or even just attend one of these sessions, please contact us. I'm also happy for people to ride with me into or out of their towns. Here's the tentative schedule:

August 7 - start at tip of Cape York, most northerly point of the Australian continent

August 7-19 Ride down Cape York, through Lakefield National Park and the Daintree, including the Bloomfield Track

August 20 - Arrive Cairns for a public event (please come!)

August 21 - Sep 3 Ride Cairns to Rockhampton with Kaitlin, hope to do promo events in Townsville, Mackay and Rockhampton

Sep 3 - Sep 6 - Ride at record breaking speed from Rockhampton to Brisbane. 

Sep 7 - Public event in Brisbane

Sep 8 - Sep 12 Ride Brisbane to Newcastle. Route will depend on interest of groups to do promo events in towns such as Byron Bay, Lismore, Armidale, Coffs, Port Macquarie, Bellingen and Tamworth

Sep 12 - Public event in Newcastle and mass ride (everyone invited!) from Newcastle to Glow Worm Bicycles in Marrickville

Sep 14 - Finishing party at Glow Worm Bicycles, all welcome