Second hand Electric Bicycles for Sale

We often get customers who trade in for a new electric bike and we take their older one back. If you bought an electric bicycle from us and would like to trade up, get in touch.

If you're looking to purchase a second hand electric bicycle, then information will be posted on this page. Generally we leave them here for a few weeks and then put them onto eBay, so check out our eBay store too. 

Technically the sale is a consignment, which in legal terms means you are buying from the original owner, as we do not have a second hand license. However, we are backing up the bikes with a warranty (conditions different for each bike), we've checked and serviced the bike before selling it and you'll deal with everything from picking it up to any future issues through us, with the same attention and diligence that we'd give if you bought a new electric bicycle from us.