CLOSED 25TH DEC - 7 JAN 2019

Second hand Electric Bicycles for Sale

We often get customers who trade in for a new electric bike and we take their older one back. If you bought an electric bicycle from us and would like to trade up, get in touch.

If you're looking to purchase a second hand electric bicycle, then information will be posted on this page. Generally we leave them here for a few weeks and then put them onto eBay, so check out our eBay store too. 

Technically the sale is a consignment, which in legal terms means you are buying from the original owner, as we do not have a second hand license. However, we are backing up the bikes with a warranty (conditions different for each bike), we've checked and serviced the bike before selling it and you'll deal with everything from picking it up to any future issues through us, with the same attention and diligence that we'd give if you bought a new electric bicycle from us. 

Norrie's Gazelle - The Retired Bubble Bike

Norrie's beloved bubble bike is up for sale after moving onto the larger eZee Expedir cargo bike to take more capacity. The Gazelle is a little less than 2 years old and in excellent condition. The Dutch made bike and Gnerman made drive drive motor is seemless in the electric assistance and elegant in design. 

The Gazelle stepthrough electric bike is both a comfortable ride and practical for inner city use. With all the neccessary accessories (fenders, rack, wheel lock, wheel skirt, kickstand and puncture protective tyres) you'll find yourself riding around town everyday of the week. Their bike was recently serviced and battery recently replaced.

Please read Norrie's blurb below about heir experience:

"I first bought a Gazelle bicycle because of its fully enclosed chain, which made riding with dresses much easier. The motorised version makes everything much easier :D It has a light but strong step-through frame, and the battery sits so discreetly under the carrier, it looks like a non-motorised bike. But it scoots up hills with its powerful Impulse motor with ease, as if there were no hill!. It served me well for a couple of years, with a small bubble machine attached at the rear. Then I upgraded to a larger bubble machine, which took up almost all the carrying space, so I had to upgrade to a cargo bike, so I have room for both the bubble machine and the shopping. Now some one else can have the pleasure of scooting around on the stylish light and zippy Gazelle e-bike."

Norrie is taking offers from $2000

Mike Holligworth's eZee Cadence 

Mike is one of our long term customers with a handful of eZee bikes. Recently his purchase of the eZee Sprint Alfine brought attention to the amount of space bikes take up in the house by his better half. The ultimatum of the new bike meant parting ways with the old one.

Hence his eZee Cadence pictured below is up for grabs. The eZee Cadence, known for its beach cruiser style has done 11km, comes with a 15ah battery that has been very well maintained, a bright 1000lumen front light and spanniga rear light integrated into the battery, ballon tyres which attributes, alongside with the wide saddle, to make for a very comfortable ride.

Mike is looking for offers over $2500 - a real bargain for a bike with little use and in fantastic condition. The bike will come with a 1 year warranty and a free three month service.

Vanessa Campbell's trusty Sprint - SOLD

Below is Vanessa's testimonial of her belovered eZee Sprint. She recently upgraded to the cargo carrying eZee Expedir. Her Sprint was regularly serviced and well looked after. The electric system since the trade in was upgraded to gen 2, front brake replaced with hydraulic and the 11ah battery is running at a healthy 10ah. eZee Sprint is one of our favourite bikes. It comes standard with integrated lights, mudguards, wheel lock, kickstand, rear rack, internal gears and puncture protective tyres. This bike is at a negotiable price. The bike will come with a 6 month warranty and a 3 month free service.

"Before we decided to buy an electric bike 7 years ago I added up all the costs of travelling to work and the additional cost of before and after school care. My real issue was time. How to cut my commute and avoid time at school care? A bike was the only answer but I am no cyclist. An electric bike was a punt. When I did the numbers I realised that with in 26 weeks if I cycled every day - the bike would have paid for itself.  In the end I used that bike 46 weeks a year for 3 years. 

When we bought the bike we were a two car family. Within the first three months We had sold the small runaround car. I never thought that would happen but with the bike we just did not need the second car.  This was a huge annual household saving removing rego and insurance for a car. 
One of my biggest concerns was getting a puncture. Maurice promised me that if I got a puncture in the first year of riding he would come and fix the puncture personally - he was so confident that the tires were indestructible.  He was right and I used the same tires for 5 years on Sydney roads. All I had to do was keep the pressure right. Never had a problem."


PreLoved eZee Street

This eZee Street was one of our first eZee bikes ever sold in Australia. The owner was so impressed by the electric system they popped in years later just to upgrade the model. eZee Street's are renown for their zippy ability up hills and in the inner city. The 20" puncture protective tyres allow the rider to feel safe and close to the ground. While the overall design of the bike can be adjusted to a really upright comfortable riding position. The bike comes with rear rack, front basket, wheel lock, integrated lights, puncture protective tyres and kickstand. I love this bike so much, I bought two of my family members one each.

The bike has been serviced, been fitted with new tyres, Gen 2 electric system, motor and 11ah battery. It could be yours from $1800. 

Please enquire in store, by phone or email. You're welcome to upgrade the battery to the required size. *warranty on the bike 6 months, 2 years on battery and 1x 3 month service included

Update: Peter's Torq Alfine is SOLD

First off the rank is a Torq Alfine, loved by Peter for several years and it's now time for it to find a new home. We're providing a 3 month battery warranty and 12 month warranty on the rest of the electric system for this bike.

Peter provided this review of it to help the new owner get to know it better. Interested? Let us know, we're taking offers over $1700. If nothing comes up, then it'll head to eBay.

My life with the Ezee Torq Alfine.

 ezee torq alfine electric bicycle review

My daily commute was from Randwick to Macquarie University. Driving a car was no fun and expensive with tolls. Public transport was packed and slow. I loved cycling but the hills in the CBD, North Sydney and Macquarie Park were a bit too much. Would an e-bike solve the problem?

I looked at the options. The two best ebikes were the Gazelle and eZee. I road tested the two and liked the quality and strength of the top of the range eZeeTorq. It had the Shimano Alfine groupset (hydraulic disc brakes front and back, 8 speed internal hub, nice alloy levers), bright 700 lumen light, Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres, stainless steel spokes, comfy gel seat, AXA bike lock and dual leg centre stand. For maximum range I got the big 14Ah battery. For extra security I got a chain that plugs into the AXA lock. For flexibility I got two chargers (one for home, one for work). All up; a really nice set up!

 The eZee Torq zoomed through the return commute (50 km) on a single charge. Range depended on speed. I could get over 60km if I pedalled easily. If I cruised fast (35kph) on the motor with little pedalling I could get to work (25km) with charge to spare. The Ezee Torq motored up the steepest hills with no problem. The bike was very stable in the wet, the brakes outstanding and the gears silky smooth. The upright seating was terrific for traffic and for looking over the rails of the Harbour Bridge bike path on my way home. I really enjoyed longer rides on it. One top ride was the Fernleigh Track from Adamstown to Belmont. The ebike made the return trip up the hill to Adamstown so easy. It was terrific for weekend rides like the Cooks River bike track and the Gosford - Woy Woy loop. Over 2,000km it has been very reliable. Not even a single puncture. What could be improved? Weight (27kg). This is one heavy sucker to lift up the stairs on the northern end of the Harbour Bridge bike path. And you need to be a bit careful when the motor kicks in corners. And yes, the Gazelle is prettier...

So why sell? I have changed jobs and no longer do the ebike commute. It is silly for such a good bike to sit idle. It is time for the eZee Torq to find a new home. Anyone interested?