* 2016 Edit! We no longer build anything with spokes larger than 13 gauge. As much as it was fun and challenging, our workshop is now too busy and we need to prioritise keeping all our electric bike riders rolling over custom projects! *

With many electric bikes, cargo bikes, commuters & special projects coming through our shop there's often a need for stronger wheels. By hand-building a wheel with your needs in mind, we aim to create something that's durable & dependable. We have our own spoke cutter allowing us to cut any length spoke between 15 and 12 gauge (1.8mm-2.6mm) and are not afraid to tackle all manner of electric hubmotors, internal gear hubs, dynamo hubs etc. Of course we can build traditional road and MTB wheels as well.

Wheelbuilding labour is $75 for a standard (non-electric) wheel, $95 for standard (found on commercially available complete electric bikes) electric hub motor wheel builds. Add $20 to unlace an existing rim+hub needing to be rebuilt. We can also do custom e-bike wheel builds on a case by case basis. Some examples with pricing are below.

Spokes range from $1.30 to $2.50 each (you can order custom cut spokes on our website)

Rims start from $55

Turn-around time is typically 1 week once all parts are ready. Send an email to info@glowwormbicycles.com.au to get started.

Here's some wheels we've built in the past:

17" Prowheel moped rims with Cromotor rear hubmotor 1 cross and Hope Pro 2 front hub 3 cross - ~$400 labour

24" super wide cruiser rim 1 cross with Crystalyte H40 hubmotor ~$200 labour

24" Weinmann DM30 rim laced 1 cross to Crystalyte 35 series ~$150 labour

26" Weinmann DM30 laced radially to Magic Pie - $150

26" powdercoat cruiser rim & spokes laced 3 cross to Nexus 8 hub ~$200 labour

26" rim laced 1 cross to Crystalyte 35 series ~$150 labour

29er Velocity P35 rim laced 1 cross to eZee rear hub ~$95

700c Mavic Open Sport laced 2 cross to Nuvinci N360 hub ~$75

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