wisper electric bicycles in australia


Glow Worm Bicycles was the distributor of Wisper electric bicycles in 2010-2011. Previous to this there was a distributor in 2007 for about 2 years. After 2011 when we discontinued Wisper in favour of eZee electric bicycles, Wisper was not represented for a few years in Australia. During this time it underwent various changes in contract manufacturers in China, some company changes, a brief stint of being manufactured in Germany and in 2013 Wisper merged or was bought by Freego to become the Freego Wisper Group. 

Wisper was imported into Australia again by Electric Bikes Brisbane in 2015, however as of 2016 it is showing as 'out of stock' on the website.

Due to all of these changes, if you have a Wisper electric bicycle and need some spare parts, we'll need to narrow down the year of import into Australia. If you bought it from us at Glow Worm then that's no problem, we know exactly which one you have. If not, please send a photo or tell us where and when you bought it. 

If it was bought roughly 2010-2012 then we have most spare parts or suitable alternatives in stock. In the case of batteries, we can re-pack other battery packs, such as eZee packs, into your existing case. If you do not have your case anymore then it is more difficult. 

If your Wisper was bought closer to 2007 then believe it not, we still hold a lot of those parts, as we bought a stock of them when we started the brand in 2010 (we're pretty serious about keeping spare parts for the electric bicycles we represent!). If we don't have the parts, we may well have an alternative that works. 

If your Wisper was purchased closer to 2015 then unfortunately we are not familiar with the models and cannot give any advice or supply parts and your best bet is to ask your original supplier for support. 



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