• 10" pram inner tube from glow worm bicycles

10 x 2" Pram Innertube bent valve

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10 x 2" innertube to suit prams and strollers. This innertube has a bent valve to make it easy to pump up your pram tyres even though it's a small wheel without much room for the head of a bicycle pump.

If you're still really struggling to pump up your pram or kids bicycle tyre, you may wish to purchase our Topeak Pressureright right angle valve adaptor for accessing valves in hard to reach spaces. 

If you're looking for a replacement tyre for this size, please see our 10 x 2.00 inch pram tyre. 

Another common pram tube size is 12", like our Panaracer 12" pram tube with bent valve.



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