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  • Bosch Intuvia display for electric bicycles

Bosch Intuvia Display for electric bicycles

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The Bosch Intuvia Display is fitted to the handlebar and shows the rider their speed, electric assistance level and remaining battery capacity. It is wired down to the mid motor unit.

The Bosch Intuvia can be quick release to be removed each time you park your Bosch electric bicycle or it can be fitted permanently so that you do not need to remove it. 

While the Bosch electric drive system has a very good reputation for overall reliability, there have been known cases of Bosch Intuvia displays needing replacing. 

When ordering a replacement Bosch Intuvia display, please make sure the type you need is identical to the type for sale. If in any doubt, please contact us. 

If your display is under warranty and you purchase a spare display before your current one is assessed for warranty, you cannot be guaranteed to receive a refund afterwards - you may end up with a spare display afterwards! Again, if in doubt, please contact us

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