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  • Ezee Road Runner
  • Ezee Road Runner
  • Ezee Road Runner

Ezee Road Runner

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Product Details

The Road runner is a one off electric bike design and  build project from GrintechXtracycle and eZee bikes with the aim of creating  the ultimate all-around utility ebike. Compared to other ebikes in the same price range this one packs a serious punch and truly delivers when you are looking for a full-on car replacement. Get your hands on this unique one-of-a-kind bike. Powered by Ezee's 250rpm front hub motor you wont be left behind. 

The Features

Most defining aspects of the roadrunner stem from the 20" rear wheel. Normally a small rear and standard front wheel would look unusual, but the Xtracycle freeloader bags and deck fill out the rear space giving a nice visual balance. The smaller diameter rear then provides the following performance benefits:
  • Stronger Wheel: The 20" wheel size is less prone to bucking and spokes breaking when loaded down with cargo
  • Lower CG: The smaller wheel lets the entire cargo deck drop a full 6 inches closer to the ground. That makes your load less top-heavy, improving handling and stability with gear piled up. The cargo rack is a perfect platform installing a rear utility tray.
The bike comes as standard with quality parts through and through, cutting no corners in either the mechanical or electrical hardware specs. This includes magura hydraulic brakes and Deore shifters.
The bike naturally conforms to the Xtracycle cargo standard, so any of the Xtracycle cargo accessories will fit. 

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