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  • Gazelle Orange CX NuVinci Bosch Mid-Drive
  • Gazelle Orange CX NuVinci Bosch Mid-Drive

Gazelle Orange CX NuVinci Bosch Mid-Drive

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The Orange CX NuVinci is all new from Gazelle and features the Bosch Mid Drive System coupled with the revolutionary NuVinci Harmony Automatic gear system. With the Harmony Advanced Controller model, the cyclist selects and fine-tunes a cadence set-point by twisting the shifter until the blue RPM display indicates the desired setting. With the Harmony Base Controller, the rider chooses one of three factory preset cadence speeds and activates the system by simply pushing a button on the controller.

As the rider pedals, the weather-sealed Harmony hub interface monitors pedal cadence, senses vehicle speed and automatically adjusts ratio in the hub to maintain the set cadence as terrain and conditions change.

The Harmony Advanced Controller also offers the cyclist the option to shift manually and directly manage the continuously variable ratio range (orange display mode). Ratio changes are made simply by twisting the grip on the controller.

Perfect as a commuter and city bike, the Orange CX NuVinci gives you 48NM of torque to tackle steep hills and smooth power delivery for that famous Gazelle cycling experience.

The Harmony gear system and comfort orientated geometry will suit the cyclist looking for a high quality bike in urban areas. The Orange CX NuVinci continues Gazelle's tradition as Australia's most awarded E-Bike Brand.

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