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Micro Mini Scooter


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Product Details

Classic 3 wheel scooter for preschoolers 3 wheel design for stability Wide non-slip deck Low to the ground Quality non-marking PU wheels Suitable for indoors / outdoors Lean and steer action Removable handlebars The Mini Micro is simply the best kick scooter for preschoolers in Australia. The Mini Micro's innovative design has all the features needed for young beginners whose parents put safety first. The original 3 wheel design combined with the lean and steer action ensures safety and stability for young children. It enables them to learn to use their body weight and balance to steer. Being low to the ground means it's easy to kick from and there's not so far to fall. You will be both proud and amazed to see how quickly your preschooler will master the Mini Micro kick scooter. Their balance, co-ordination and motor skills will develop as they quickly become proficient confident scooterers! And all those trips that you dreaded making, or just stopped making altogether because they became too stressful, can now be fun! Your kids can quickly become independent co-travelers, which really does mean stress free happy journeys for all! The children who own a Mini Micro, love them! Specifications Age Range: 2+ Wheel Size: 120/80mm Deck Width: 11cm Deck Length: 27cm Handlebar Height: 66cm Max Load: 35kg* Weight: 1.5kg Ground Clearance: 3cm * Please note: Although the bottom of the scooter shows a weight limit of 20kg, the Mini Micro is designed with a weight recommendation of 35kg. The reason for the difference: European standards dictate that weights are displayed as 20, 50 or 100kg.

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