• Schwalbe Marathon plus puncture proof bicycle tyre
  • Schwalbe Marathon plus puncture proof tyre

Schwalbe Marathon Plus


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The Glow Worm Bicycles puncture-free guarantee: 

If you get a flat on a Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre from Glow Worm Bicycles, simply bring it in to our workshop and we will replace the innertube free of charge, for the life of the tyre!

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus is the closest thing you can get to a puncture-proof bicycle tyre. Regular riders, heavy users, cargo bicycle manufacturers and bicycle tourers alike remain loyal to this tyre, which largely solves the problem of getting punctures on a bicycle.

The marathon plus is not just a super puncture-resistant tyre, it's also a very long wearing one that represents very good value for money for anyone who rides their bicycle a lot. It also features a reflective side wall for increased side visibility for night riding.

This tyre is so good that if you're unlucky enough to get a puncture on a Schwalbe Marathon Plus that you purchase from us, we will replace the innertube for free, parts and labour. You will have to bring the bicycle to our workshop though.

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus is also available with alternative tread patterns. This is the traditional and most common one with standard tread. It is also available as the Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB and the Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour. All varieties benefit from the puncture-proof guarantee.

Looking for a high quality puncture proof bicycle tyre that isn't quite as heavy as the Marathon Plus? The Schwalbe Marathon is 30% lighter and costs a little less. It's also got great puncture protection and is a tough, long-lasting tyre. However, for the best protection and the puncture-free guarantee, choose Schwalbe Marathon Plus.  

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