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  • XDS retro alloy bicycle from glow worm bicycles in sydney
  • high quality retro bicycle with hub gears
  • XDS retro alloy bicycle from glow worm bicycles in sydney

XDS Alloy Retro Bicycle with Internal Hub Gears


White/Pale Blue
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Product Details

The XDS retro alloy is the best retro bicycle on the market in Australia. It is the bicycle you've been looking for - good looking, comfortable and ready to ride away. It's lightweight but strong and easy to service and obtain parts. It features a sturdy rear rack and a front basket supported from below with a removable wicker insert with handles. The chain guard matches the frame and combined with the classic step through design means you can wear whatever you want and still go by bicycle.

The Retro Alloy model has a Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal hub gear system for a clean look, low maintenance and super easy gear shifting. The brown grips and saddle feel good and look great. 

Retro style bicycles became very popular in Australia around 2010 for easy to understand reasons - they look awesome and were a welcome relief from the uncomfortable, impractical sporting bicycles that had dominated the market for decades. However, with that came a huge number of cheaper retro bicycles that were built to match the style, without any budget used towards making for a good quality bicycle. This one is different. The best way to check that we're telling the truth is to come in and ride this bicycle and see for yourself. If you can't do that right now, here's the technical details on why this is the 'have your cake and eat it' version of all the retro bicycles. 

The XDS retro alloy model (not the steel model) has:

- not just an aluminium frame, but aluminium crankset, rack, mudguard struts, handlebar, stem, seat post and rims. Most retro bicycles do not use aluminium for these parts, making for a heavy bicycle that is prone to rust

- stainless steel spokes for longer lasting wheels and less rust

- double walled rims in the wheels. Most retro bicycles have single wall rims that are prone to buckling and not usually worth fixing.

- Kenda tyres instead of generic tyres. This means better rolling, longer wearing and fewer blow-outs (we recommend an upgrade to Schwalbe Marathon tyres for more puncture protection).

- Front basket does not interfere with the brake and gear cables, so everything works better and needs less maintenance. Basket is supported from below and behind and will not loosen with time

- Great brakes! The XDS retro alloy uses branded V-brakes. Most retro bicycles use road caliper brakes for a more traditional look. However, this compromises safety and is not as easy to maintain as V-brakes. 

This is the XDS retro alloy with Shimano internal hub gears. It is lower maintenance and less likely to create mess with the chain and gears.

There is also a derailleur model available which is not as low maintenance but is a little lighter and a little easier to ride and easier to remove the rear wheel. 

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