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XDS E-Cruz Black
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XDS E-Cruz Black

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XDS E-Cruz Black

Sunday mornings will never be the same after the XDS Men’s E-Cruz electric bike. After a big night, or still recovering from a long week at work, you’ll want to get out for a bit of fresh air. Ride down to the café, or perhaps travel even further with an electric motor capable of pedal assist up to distances of 75km. By giving you the extra stamina for commuting long distances to school or work, or Sunday morning recoveries, the E-Cruz keeps you fresh for the next task ahead and takes a lot of the strain out of your ride.

To be clear, you are still pedalling, but the brilliance of the Bafang Mid-Drive MAX-01 PAS is that it senses and amplifies your own pedalling by sending power through the drivetrain. The simple to use Bafang LCD display puts you in control of this function, letting you choose between 0-5 levels of power output from the motor. Mid-Drive motors are effectively geared as opposed to hub drive, making your ride even more efficient. Between the 5 levels of pedal assist and 8 speed Shimano Acera drivetrain, you’ll find the perfect gear ratio for any level of incline.

Come to a safe stop with superior hydraulic disc brake system that will not falter in any riding condition. Hydraulic braking provides better control and modulation of braking with less effort required. Find even greater control and manoeuvrability from t with a lightweight alloy frame

This is a commuter’s bike. With front and rear mudguards you can ride this bike in any conditions and preserve the cleanliness of your clothes, and with a rear rack find a more convenient place to store bags while you travel. The XDS E-Cruz is the perfect bike for regularly riding to school or work, but even more perfect for anyone getting a late start on their weekend.

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