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Buying An Electric Bike

There is no doubt about it. Electric bikes can be life changing, but the thought of buying an electric bike can be a daunting. With so many brands, bikes, styles & tech, it can feel overwhelming.

We're here to make buying an ebike simple & provide you with peace of mind that you're getting the right bike for you. We'll help you narrow down your options, assist you with test riding, answer all your questions and make sure the bike you choose is a perfect match for you. 


Use our Comprehensive Guide to Electric Bikes

Explore our range

Test Ride & Decide

Book a test ride or drop into our Sydney or Melbourne showroom for a test ride.

Change How You Move

We'll help you narrow down your options & match you with the bike that most suits your needs.

Still undecided? We offer a 48 hour extended trial so that you can use the bike in your area to make sure that it's perfect for you.

After Sale Service

Every electric bike we sell comes with a free tune up/service within the first three months. From there, our workshop is available for general servicing & maintenance to keep your ebike in top condition. All ebikes include a manufacturer's warranty of two years.

Glow Worm VIP Program

When you purchase an electric bike from Glow Worm Electric Bikes, you'll automatically become a Glow Worm VIP. Glow Worm VIPs receive the following benefits: