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At Glow Worm we’re passionate about providing the highest quality e-bikes we can. Because we believe that riding is for everyone. Wherever you live, whatever your age, our mission is to help you find the perfect e-bike that you love, and gets you and your family out, about, and moving.

As Australia’s first e-bike store, we’ve built our reputation as the go-to authority for e-bikes. What started as a passion project of cyclists grew into a fully equipped electric bike hub: your one-stop-shop for everything in the world of e-bikes.  

With cargo bikes, commuter bikes, mid-drive bikes, mountain bikes, folding electric bikes, kids’ bikes, conversion kits, and all the batteries, parts, and accessories you need, you can shop the biggest and best range of e-bikes in Australia. Our huge range of women’s, men’s, and children’s bikes means you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs, and your budget. 

Find the right e-bike

Browse our range, or let us help you find which type of bike is right for you.

Quality service and thorough repairs

We feel that a bike is an extension of you. It helps you move, gets you around, and lets you feel the unbridled joy of the wind rushing past you.

If you love your e-bike as much as we do, you’ll want to make sure it’s looked after. The best way keep your e-bike in perfect working condition and preserve its warranty is with a regular service.

Our fully equipped mechanical workshop specialises in customised e-bike and cargo bike repairs and servicing. For any issues, accidents, general repair, and warranty servicing, book your e-bike in with our expert team. We’ll help you keep your bike running its best, and get you back on the road quicker.

You also get access to a courtesy e-bike to get you around while yours is being worked on. 


There’s no better way to find the bike you love than taking it for a ride yourself. Drop in for a test ride and experience the joy of an electric bike for yourself.

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