The warranty offered on an electric bicycle is one of the most important things you need to know before making a purchase. A warranty shows that the seller is confident of their products and their ability to service those products. It shows that they are interested in selling a reliable product that will last a long time. But don't forget to check how a warranty claim will be processed - where do you have to take your e-bike and how long will it all take and what costs might you have to pay? What's excluded, what is considered wear and tear, are there commercial warranties as well? And just as important - do the people there seem like they would know how to service it? Purchasing an electric bike from Glow Worm Bicycles means that you'll have the expertise in our shop to quickly deal with any issues. 

Glow Worm Bicycle Service Warranty


Any electric bicycles purchased at Glow Worm Bicycles will have labour guaranteed free of charge for any warranty repairs. 
Many retailers charge for labour when carrying out a repair to a part that is still under the manufacturer's warranty - we do not charge. For example, your electric bicycle may have a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on the motor. If your motor fails within that period, the manufacturer will provide a new one. However, the cost of diagnosis of the fault and installation of new parts (if required) is usually not covered by the manufacturer. We cover all of those costs on the electric bicycles we sell.

eZeebike Warranties

All eZeebike electric bicycles, whether purchased from our store or through an eZeebike dealer, come with a manufacturer's warranty. Your place of purchase can assist you with any warranty issues.

All electrical parts are covered for 2 years. This includes the electric bike's motor, battery and controllor and other smaller electrical parts.

The frame has a 6 year warranty

Freight for any warranty items is covered only from us to the place of purchase. Any costs associated with the transportation of parts or bikes for warranty assessment/repair are not covered. Although the importer (that's us) will provide free parts for warranty replacement on eZeebikes, your retailer (where you bought the bike if not from us) may charge labour for diagnosis and installation of the parts. 

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