Benno Rail Clamp

Benno Accessories
Rail Clamp Set (2) Required to attach the Benno range of rails to the Utility Deck #1 or the Utility Deck #3 Color: Black...

Benno RemiDemi

Benno Electric Bikes Mid Drive Bicycles
The longer Benno has designed e-bikes, the more he realised they are less bikes and more two-wheeled electrical vehicles. That means they’ll continue to...

Benno Utility Front Tray

Benno Accessories
Utility Front Tray  Attaches to the frame of the Benno Boost Color: Red Max load 20lbs/10kg Dimensions: 46cm x 32cm x 14cm (W x...

Benno Utility Front Tray Bag

Benno Accessories
Utility Front Tray Bag Designed for the Benno Utility Front Tray. Keeps everything safe and dry. Color: Black Volume: 40 liters Dimensions: 29cm x...

Benno Wheel Guard Set

Benno Accessories
Wheel Guard Set (2) Designed to keep feet / toes / fingers and luggage out of the rear wheel. Come in pairs and easily...

Bicicapace - Upgrade to Cordura front bag

80L volume, 15 kg load, front bag in Cordura Green or Blue

Bicicapace Child Pack

Running boards AND reversible basket AND EITHER 2 Yepp Easyfit adapters OR two pillows

Bicicapace Flat Bed

25 kg load, large and bolted front flatbed in black

Bicicapace Pockets for Flat Bed

Pockets for flatbed in Cordura black fabric with a belt to grip what you carry on the front. Very practical and handy!

Bicycle Shipping

Bicycle Shipping

Byk Alloy Basket for E350

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ByK Cycling Helmet

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