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  • Thule 932 Easyfold 2 bike
  • Thule 932 Easyfold 2 bike
  • Thule 932 Easyfold 2 bike
  • Thule 932 Easyfold 2 bike
  • Thule 932 Easyfold 2 bike
  • Thule 932 Easyfold 2 bike

Thule 932 Easyfold 2 bike

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The best car rack for electric bicycles, hands down!
- Carries two full sized electric bicycles on your car with ease! Or any other bicycles of course!
-Simple and easy to load, many of our customers can set it all up while chatting on the phone (see product photos). It's low to the ground (more or less curb height) and the wheels load onto it, which means no more heavy and awkward lifting.
- Compatible with Thule Loading Ramp 9152 for $95 to make it even easier to load! (most people find they do not need the ramp)
-The versatile securing system is no problem for step through electric bicycles and does not interfere with mudguards and other accessories. The whole thing can tilt back (see photos) so that you can open the boot/back door even with the bikes loaded on!
-The Thule Easyfold locks onto your tow bar with a key for security and the mounting system locks your bike to the Thule Easyfold! 
-When not in use, it's easy to take off the tow ball with the ergonomic lever - no tools required. It folds up for easy storage too. 
- Comes with number plate holder, light for number plate, blinkers and tail lights. You're good to go from the moment you buy it, completely legal and ready to go. The one thing we can't provide for you is an extra number plate for it. Please order it through your local motor registry, such as Service NSW 'ordering a new number plate in NSW'. You can do this ahead of time or use a handwritten one while you wait for yours to arrive. 
The Thule Easyfold 932 has largely replaced the Thule Europower 916 thanks to the folding functionality and reduced weight. 

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