Fork Yuba Mundo V4

Heavy Duty fork compatible for Yuba Mundo V4 If you are unsure if your fork has been replaced under recall, take a picture, email it to...

Yuba 2-Go Pannier for Spicy Curry

When designing the 2-Go Bags for the Spicy Curry, Yuba asked, what else can they do with their bags? So they came up with some ideas.  Adjustable bag capacity Super...

Yuba Bamboo Utility Deck

This Utility Deck is made out of environmentally sustainable and strong bamboo. The deck covers most of the rear cargo rack area of a...

Yuba Bread Basket with liner

Haul even more with the Yuba Bread Basket and liner! The Bread Basket takes the idea of bike basket to a whole new level....

Yuba Deflopitator


Yuba Electric Supermarché w/box

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electric bicycle

Yuba Flip Flop Balance Bike

Non Electric
Meet the world’s first kids’ cargo bike and balance trainer in one: the Flip Flop. Designed with the lowest seating position of all balance...

Yuba HDPE Towing Tray + Running Board – Mundo compatible

Tow bikes with your bike. Includes towing tray kit and a matching plain running board for the other side. Have you been looking for...

Yuba Leg Up

The Leg-Up provides support for smaller kids feet (4-7yrs old) when they can’t reach for the Sideloader bars. Easy to install with an Allen...

Yuba Mini Soft Spot

Add another mini-soft spot to your existing soft spot! Suits: Boda Boda V1/V2/V3 Mund0 V3/V4/V5 Spicy Curry.

Yuba Monkey Bar Set - Adjustable

Confidently haul your  most precious cargo, safely inside the Adjustable Monkey Bars. Parents love this awesome Add-On for all our long tail style cargo...

Yuba Mundo Bamboo Running Boards

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